Learn More About Plumbing Then You Thought You Ever Would For Free

There are many trades that will be required throughout your life.  Some are carpenters to help you build your house and to do repairs.  Another will be a painter to help make what the carpenter creates look attractive and a plumber to help maintain the water and sewage of your home.  When it comes to companies like batavia plumbing you want to make sure that all of your plumbing is working correctly.

batavia plumbing

What makes up your plumbing

Your plumbing is made up of a series of pipes and connectors.  These pipes and connectors are attached to devices in your home such as sinks, toilets, showers and tubs.  When we turn on the water it is taken from a well or a public water source and runs up one set of pipes to the device of your choice and then the water that fills the toilet, shower or sink will go down a different set of pipes into a public collection source such as a sewer or into a septic tank.

How to fix a leak

Over time your pipes may rust, decay or crack.  When this happens a leak will occur causing water to spill out of the pipes and into the house.  When this happens the first thing you want to do is turn off your water.  You want to do this at the water main or at a valve located under the leak.

When this is completed you will want to see how much damage has occurred and make a plan to fix it.  Several repairs can be simple such as replacing a piece of pipe or a connector.  Other repairs may require major reconstruction.  It is vital that you contact a licensed plumber to look at your issues to ensure that future repairs won’t be needed.

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