New Flooring Vs. Old Flooring & The Differences

Needless to say and without having done anything further before and after reading this letter, stark differences will remain. You will clearly be able to tell the difference before and after a new flooring newark de installation. But perhaps you are not able to see anything just yet before the flooring technician and his small team of assistants arrives at your doorstop. Because perhaps your old floor is still hidden under a thick or worn wall to wall carpet.

new flooring newark de

If the old flooring was originally composed of wood, this could be a sad and sorry state of affairs. You may well be good with your home’s housekeeping requirements and that carpet of yours may well be looking quite plush and fine but how much smarter or elegant or slick your office or studio or living room or dining room environment could have looked had those old floorboards been exposed in the first place.

Perhaps it is true that folks have kept such floor boards hidden under the felt owing to the perceived inconvenience and labor of tending to a wooden floor. The wall to wall carpeting was always believed to be better. But this has been nothing more than a deception, perhaps instigated by the salesmen and perpetuated by the homeowners. It may look so on the surface but the carpets are never really one hundred percent clean.

It is a hiding place for all kinds of tiny pests and bacterial dust collections. Across an exposed and glistening wooden surface there is simply no place to hide. Not only is it going to be easier to clean and maintain a wooden floor, it’s going to be sustainable as well. Your utilities bills will experience a dramatic drop in price for one thing.

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