Urgent Notes On Fire Protection Devices

Fire protection devices – there are many. But a careful selection thereof still needs to be made. Consider the circumstances. Consider the infrastructure of the building. Consider for what purposes the building or rooms are being used for. Also consider the consequences of not safeguarding a property or business against potential or possible fire outbreaks. And then consider still further the consequences of not having these fire protection devices serviced or maintained.

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Where such a system is feasible, appropriate or necessary, the fire sprinkler inspection california scheduled maintenance programs should be mandatory. But sadly, in many places, it is not. Given the size and scale of the entire state, it remains challenging to police such important imperatives. But it is not impossible. Given the spate of wildfires that are no longer merely seasonal but ongoing, you would have thought by now that a sense of urgency would have been instilled.

But tragically, it has not been the case. This sentiment being shared with you right now may very well be subjective. But so what. Better to alert you to the dangers of not adhering to fire protection recommendations, never mind the rules, than passing this matter over and hoping for the best. A residential property on the outskirts of the urban landscape but closer to nature may well not have a need for a sprinkler system.

But it should at least have its own handheld fire extinguishers. And there should be a fire hydrant in close proximity to the residential property. And both extinguishers and hydrants should be tested just like the sprinkler systems should. Because consider the consequences of not doing so. Should there ever be a fire breakout and the fire extinguishers and fire hydrants are not working? Disaster!

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